V-Ray Next for Rhino Perpetual

V-Ray Next for Rhino Perpetual

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V-Ray Next for Rhino is a highly accurate renderer for McNeel Rhinoceros. V-Ray is used comprehensively by architects, landscape designers, exhibition & event designers, product & industrial designers and many more.

For high quality visual results, total control through limitless customisation and settings changes, choose V-Ray Next for Rhino.

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Regular Price: £732.00

Special Price Excl. Tax: £590.00 Incl. Tax: £708.00


V-Ray Next for Rhino

Chaos Group Official UK Reseller

V-Ray Next for Rhino enables designers to present designs with incredible realism, reducing the need for physical prototypes. V-Ray's highly accurate renderer for McNeel Rhinoceros increases Rhino's ability to handle large scenes and can even be used directly within Grasshopper.

V-Ray Next for Rhino is also available as a monthly license or annual license.
If you currently use Dongle Licensing for V-Ray, you will need to migrate to Online Licensing before upgrading the V-Ray Next.

V-Ray Next for Rhino isn't just an all-in-one renderer, it's also a full suite of tools for professionals across the design spectrum allowing users to accomplish more than ever. V-Ray Next is smart, learning from your scenes to make lighting faster, exposure and white balancing automatic, and rendering up to 50% faster. You can even animate Grasshopper definitions, as well as cameras and sunlight, and measure real-world illuination values - directly within Grasshopper.

V-Ray Next for Rhino is compatible with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6.


What's New in V-Ray for Rhino


What's New in V-Ray Next

V-Ray Next for Rhino lets you do more than ever with maximum creative control at a minimum effort. You can expect automated snapshots and batch renders, better scripting, individually resizable lights, more accurate viewport previews, better management of V-Ray Objects and much more. Performance has been optimised in V-Ray Next so you can make the most of faster rendering, AI denoising and better scene intelligence.

V-Ray for Rhino

Do More Than Ever Before

  • V-Ray Batch lets you schedule render jobs to V-Ray Swarm or Chaos Cloud, making it easy to render snapshots from the same project or views from multiple Rhino files all at once.
  • Program V-Ray Next to do even more for you by using RhinoScript and Python to do things like automate scene management or access parameters not shown by the UI.
  • Change the size of instanced lights by just changing one. You can even adjust the shadow softness and size of lights with affecting intensity.
  • Improved reflections, refractions, bump maps and more mean more accurate viewport previews.
  • The simple new UI makes creating, editing and managing V-Ray objects much easier.


V-Ray for Rhino

Superior Grasshopper Support

  • You can now animate sunlight and cameras using the V-Ray timeline in Grasshopper. Go back for final rendering in Rhino with just a quick export.
  • The Lighting Analysis render element makes it easy to evaluate and visualise the real-world illumination levels of a Grasshopper scene.
  • Use directional light to create non-realistic, stylised lighting schemes.
  • Use real-world cameras in Grasshopper with proper aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Use with the sun and sky system for highly accurate lighting.
  • Animate and render parametric designs via the V-Ray timeline to explore different versions of your model.



Materials and Textures

New Materials and Textures

  • Gain more control over the look of your scenes. The V-Ray Material adds native support for metallic reflections.
  • Fine-tune the colours of any texture map using RGB or HSV curve controls.


Asset Management

Powerful Asset Management

  • Preview materials, textures, elements and lights in a single viewer. Observe parameter changes and affect the appearance of assets in specific, isolated settings.
  • Manage all assets in one place using the Asset Outliner.
  • Using the Asset Editor from the footer allows quick and intuitive creation of new assets.
  • The Asset Library UI allows for quick searching through a huge number of assets in either the built-in library or any other location.
  • Use Texture Instancing to map multiple material parameters with the same source texture to simpify shader structure.
  • Speed up your workflow by selecting multiple scene or library assets as well as multiple toolbar filters.


Product Design

Simplified Render Controls

  • A refined and updated UI makes render set up easier than ever.
  • Specify custom pixel resolutions without affecting the aspect ratio.
  • The intuitive camera control layout lets you manipulate both simple and advanced parameters simultaneously.


Lighting Workflows

Enhanced Lighting Workflows

  • Capture the perfect exposure every time with Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance. As simple as point and shoot.
  • Easily visualise the real-world illumination (lux) values of any scene using Lighting Analysis.
  • The Adaptive Dome Light renders faster, cleaner and more accurate image-based lighting. There's no need to set up Portal lights for interiors.


Improved Performance

Improved Performance

  • V-Ray Next has been optimised to render 50% faster overall, and up to 7x faster when using the Adaptive Dome Light.
  • You can automatically analyse your scene to optimise rendering, getting the best quality in less time.
  • V-Ray materials have been fine-tuned for faster render speeds, improved GPU rendering and Chaos Cloud compatibility.
  • Compared to V-Ray for Rhino 3.6, rendering time is cut in half again when using GPUs.



AI Denoiser
Instantly remove noise while you render with NVIDIA's AI Denoiser. The improved V-Ray denoiser even lets you denoise each render element to give you greater control in post-production.

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